Horses aren’t just our business. They are our passion!

Sure, we will tell you about us. But we believe that what the horses think is more important than anything we can write; so we invite you to schedule a tour. See for yourself how the horses interact with us and each other. Inspect our hay and bedding. Speak to boarders and students. Watch a lesson. Ask questions.

Roanna Rosewood

Rosewood is an American Riding Instructors Association certified instructor who was privileged to get her start apprenticing for Julie Goodnight, where she assisted with training “green” (untrained) horses and learned how to communicate and, more importantly, listen to horses learned how oanna taught Hunt Seat and Western Pleasure in South Florida and then briefly here in the Rogue Valley, before reluctantly taking a break to raise children, start a restaurant, write a book, and become a certified firewalking facilitator (links). In 2016, frustrated that she couldn’t find an economical and comprehensive riding program, for her 11-year-old daughter, she purchased a beautiful equestrian facility and founded Roxy Rose Ranch and Riding Club where she enjoys sharing her first love with horselovers of all ages.



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Dalia Rosewood

Dalia Rosewood, assistant riding instructor, enjoys leading students in mounted games and helping them build confidence and rapport with horses.

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