Halloween Horses Dress Up

Working with a small group, transform your favorite horse into a magical mystical creature.

Bring a sack lunch and water bottle. Wear comfortable clothing that may not survive the day and sturdy shoes. This is a drop and go event. Parents may drop participants off at 12 and may return with siblings, providing everyone wears protective shoes, to admire the results and to take photos with costumed horses, between 4-4:30.

*Participants should not wear costumes to the event. We will let them know when its time to put them on.

There are limited spaces for each horse. Inevitably, not everyone will get their first choice. If disappointment about one’s horse will outweigh a participant’s enjoyment of the experience, please do not sign up for this event.

Cricket the Peacock (L1=)

Cricket the Peacock Helpers (L2+)

Chex the Pirate (L1+)

Chex the Pirate Helpers (L2+)

Apollo the Spider (L1+)

Apollo the Spider Helpers (L2+)

Badger the Dragon (L1+)

Badger the Dragon Helpers (L2+)
Breezy the Pegasus (L1+)
Breezy the Pegasus Helpers (L2+)

Goldie the Carousel Horse (L1+)
Goldie the Carousel Horse Helpers (L2+)


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